Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It Must Be October

A couple years back a friend of mine and her sister started a little company making dog clothes. It didn’t really take off and I know why now, they were ahead of their time. I guess because I spend a lot of time online looking at photo and particularly humorous photos that I have notice a trend. It seems that more and more people dress their pets up and photograph them. I don’t see too many on the streets in attire, but one can assume that as this trend continues we will see more cats and dogs dressed in style and of course fun fashions.

The month of October has been devoted to dog in particular who are ready for Halloween. So just in case you missed some I am making this a dog blog. Tastefully done I hope.
And to prove my point and show that I have correctly perceived this trend Good News Now the website to whom this blog belongs posted a story this week on this very subject. We like to be up to date and tendy and give tons of how to and what not to do advice. Just so you will know…

Take care when costuming your pets

Without further ado, whatever that means I would like to present the dogs of October so far...

School Bus
May the Force be with you
Killer Bee

Dog Parade

Too cute.

I love these dogs.



My younger sister sent this story in. Was she directing this at me?