Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ruthieonart’s Top Articles List for August 22, 2007

Here are this week’s articles that are just plain ole fum (fun). Or as Mary one of our new webettes would say, hysterical. Mary is easily amused. She is the person posting all the “odd” stories officially on Good News Now. There are some new changes on the website (! We have helpers… Mary, Mary Beth and Margaret. I am still the webmaster. Yikes! We are hoping to bring in a broader ranges of stories from different parts of the country.

I am posting stories from Texas, Mary from Alabama, Margaret from Ohio and Mary Beth from Chicagoland. Welcome ladies and thank you for your selections this week.

Next, add to this article to my new exercise routine for my inner dancer list!

2. Hula hoopla: Hula hooping to good health

Some articles need no comments. I will put this on the why I am just proud to be from Ohio list.

3. Ohio Market Wins Nation's 'Best Restroom' Award

For the who doesn’t love Weird Al list?

4. Weird Al's Imitation: A Funky Form of Flattery

Ending on a more serious note, an article for the serious blogger in me list.

5. Bloggers to the Ramparts! (Stop First at the Registration Booth)

This is about a Blogger Convention in Las Vegas. What does that mean for bloggers? It means blogging is business and business is good.

And last but not least the picture I won’t put on the homepage award because it belong on my even the most intolerant of us need an editor list.

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