Monday, July 12, 2010

Black Friday at the Breakfast Table: DOMA on the Ropes

"Last Friday morning at the breakfast table, I picked up the New York Times--and lost my appetite.

There it was, a front-page headline on the New York Times: 'Judge Topples U. S. Rejection of Gay Unions.' In Boston, Federal Judge Joseph Tauro had ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, 'plainly encroaches' on the right of the state like Massachusetts to define marriage and ensure its benefits."

For the rest of Chuck Colson's commentary, click here.

Book Trends: Christ Among the Dragons

"If evangelical Christians have trumpeted anything throughout history, it has been truth.

Through the heresy-addressing gatherings of the great councils during the patristic era, the ad fontes (back to the sources) cry of the Reformation, the bold proclamation of the gospel during the great awakenings or the gauntlet of revelation thrown down before modernism, truth has been our bulwark."

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