Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gum fight at the Chicago corral

"For a company used to peddling such slow-growing staples as coffee and cheese, Kraft Foods Inc. is looking to chewing gum to freshen its product line.

With British powerhouse Cadbury PLC agreeing last week to Northfield-based Kraft's more than $19 billion buyout bid, Kraft stands to suddenly be a strong No. 2 in one of the most attractive sectors of the global food industry — chewing gum. While gum is an age-old product, no part of Cadbury is growing as fast as its gum business."

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Resist the Spirit of the Age

"To their contemporaries, the first Christians were a most peculiar breed. They didn’t participate in the diversions and activities that everyone else did to satisfy certain lusts of the flesh (1 Pet. 4:1-4). They publicly and at no small cost repudiated cultural activities or artifacts that represented a worldview contrary to the teaching of Christ (Acts 19:18-20). They didn’t keep their religion to themselves, either; in fact, Jesus Christ was so much a part of their daily conversation that their unbelieving neighbors took to calling them the 'Christ-ones' (Acts 11:26)."

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