Monday, October 18, 2010

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees tapes an anti-bullying ad: See the video

"New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees speaks out against teen bullying in a video."

To watch this important video, click here.

New Orleans City Park is better than ever

"The 2005 flood reduced City Park to a saltwater swamp. Most of the attractions in the 1,300-acre, 156-year-old green space remained closed for months while work crews removed fallen tree trunks as the golf courses and softball fields reverted to prairie.

But just look at it now."

Click here for more on this restored gem of a park.

Green energy field is fertile ground for wild concepts

"Spray-on solar panels, power beaming down from outer space and gasoline-like fuel made from bacteria.

Sound far-fetched? Maybe, but these and other futuristic concepts for producing power are being taken seriously in scientific, business and academic circles. Some have even raised millions in funding."

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