Thursday, December 10, 2009

Designing in the Dark: The DesCours Design Exhibit

"Attention aesthetic adventure-seekers. Take my advice: Put the DesCours 2009 design exhibition on your weekend not-to-miss list. It’s a self-guided nocturnal tour that will take you into shadowy French Quarter courtyards, a mysterious empty bank lobby, the fourth-floor roof of the old D.H. Holmes building, even a shipping container parked beside an abandoned warehouse. In 13 such locations, you will find a series of glowing sculptures and installations by an international cast of 3-D design teams, cut loose from their usual home and business building projects to think outside the box."

Click here for more on the story, including an intriguing video.

Costco brings back Coke: The companies settle their price dispute

Coca-Cola drinkers will find their beverage of choice at Costco Wholesale again soon.

For more on the resolution of this dispute between corporate entities, click here.

Why You Think the Way You Do: God’s Truth Through the Ages

"has been the most powerful force in shaping Western civilization. The problem is, most Christians don’t know about it. But I’ve got a solution."

Click here for Chuck Colson's solution.