Monday, June 14, 2010

Luxury train car will be site of events to benefit St. Bernard Project

"The PatrĂ³n Tequila Epicurean Express is a restored 1927 luxury rail car that will be pulling into the New Orleans Train Station this week to help raise money for the St. Bernard Project.

Last week, in two events held in Washington DC's Union Station, the train and chefs helped raise nearly $20,000 for the group, which will help the group's response to the oil gushing from the BP well in the Gulf of Mexico."

For more on this tasty approach to helping others, click here.

Synthetic Life: The Danger of God-Like Pretensions

"In May, headlines around the world proclaimed 'Scientists Create Life!' The news prompted people to fantasize about a world in which, as one writer put it, we can 'think about what sort of life-form we’d like to make —and then design and build it in much the same way we build a bridge or a car.'”

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