Saturday, June 18, 2011

New-fashioned canning methods are all the rage, (labels included)

"For the past few years, New Orleans resident Carter Sheets has been canning his own traditional and Thai barbecue sauces, ketchup, salsa and pickles.

'I like canning because I like to cook, and I like making my own condiments, vegetables, whatever you happen to be canning. It's just fun. It's an enjoyable process for me, a stress reliever.'"

Click here for more, including a great recipe.

Playing to Learn: Dominica’s Roving Caregivers

"Learning is fun — for children and for parents. That’s what families in Dominica have learned firsthand from ChildFund Caribbean’s Roving Caregivers program. Trained caregivers visit with parents at home and teach them to play with their children in ways that enhance their development, fostering motor, language, social and other skills. And now the program is poised to expand."

Watch the video here.