Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good News From Mary March 17, 2009

Ministries Go Underground to Aid North Korea

North Korea’s oppressed people live in a state of constant fear. They suffer from poor economic conditions, and many are starving. To make matters worse, they are increasingly isolated from the rest of the world.

Open Doors World Watch List 2009 again ranked North Korea as the number one worst persecutor of Christians in the world. For seven years in a row, the county has topped the list.

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Copy-and-paste ability to be added to iPhone

At long last, Apple will be adding copy-and-paste for text to its iPhone, something customers have clamored for, and something that is commonly featured on almost all other smartphones.

Scott Forstall, Apple's senior vice president of iPhone software, unveiled the new feature today along with others for the phone at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

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Festivals celebrate the beauty of spring

We’ve turned the clocks ahead, the vernal equinox is just days away, and spring is busting out all over.

I say bring it on. After months of dark and depressing news, I think we could all use a break, don’t you? Yes, money’s tight and the economy’s shaky, but the sun is shining somewhere, the days are getting longer and there’s a sense of rebirth and renewal in the air.

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Discovery links up with space station

Space shuttle Discovery arrived at the international space station Tuesday, delivering one last set of solar wings that should boost the orbiting complex to full power.

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The gold rush is on at a party near you

Alison DeRuiter of Phoenix showed up at party recently and went home with $542.

The party was at a friend’s home, and the guest of honor was a representative of a company called Gold Rush at Home, based in nearby Fountain Hills. She was there to assess and buy old gold items the guests had brought along, writing checks on the spot.

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