Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 Good News Stories

Avoid injury by resting muscles and treating pain

"Activities that require repetitive motion can lead to wear and tear of tendons and ligaments over time, resulting in joint weakness and pain. Rotator cuff injuries, runner's knee, tennis elbow and golfer's elbow are a few of the many conditions that can occur from repeated overuse, poor exercise form/technique, faulty body mechanics or from doing too much too soon when beginning an exercise program."

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3 Exercise Options After Heart Attack

"Heart attack survivors have their pick of aerobics, resistance training, or both types of exercise to help their blood vessel function -- but they need to stick with it.

That news comes from a Swiss study of 209 heart attack survivors."

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Ireland's Apostle

"St. Patrick’s Day in America has become a day of wild celebration. The weekend was full of parades, and Irish pubs will do a land office business for the entirety of the week as Americans, with or without a drop of Irish ancestry in their blood, toast the Irish and wish each other luck.

Lost in the festivities is the person whose feast day we are actually celebrating. It’s unfortunate, because Patrick is a man worth remembering – particularly in today’s culture."

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Former journalist who appealed to churches wins Salvadoran election

"Mauricio Funes, who campaigned that the moral strength of churches was at the center of change for this tiny Central American country, was elected president of El Salvador.

In his acceptance speech late March 15, Funes echoed the words of slain Archbishop Oscar A. Romero and touched on the ideas of liberation theology."

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Irish leaders urge new efforts against violence on St. Patrick's Day

"St. Patrick's Day should be a celebration not only of Irish culture and identity, but of 'the man who described himself as an ambassador for God and who prayed that it might never happen that he (Patrick) should lose the people which God had won for himself at the end of the earth,' the cardinal added."

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