Monday, February 23, 2009

Good News for February 23 (posted by Mary Beth)

Be Fruitful: Like Now

"Each NASCAR and Indy race begins with, 'Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.' Maybe the church should popularize the phrase, 'Ladies and gentlemen, start your families.' ..."

Click here to read Mark Earley's commentary.

Crushed for the Greater Good -- A Devotion

"Mama has several medications to take each day. Because of her swallowing problem, she has to take them through her PEG tube. Pills must be dissolved in water so they can flow through the syringe into the length of tubing we connect to the PEG."

Read more of this devotion here.

Catch Comet Lulin at Its Best!

"If you’re an astronomy buff, you probably know that Comet Lulin’s closest approach to Earth will occur Wednesday. It will be a mere 38 million miles away!"

Check out the comet's itinerary here.

Doctors tell how to lower costs without raising risks

"Are people putting their health at risk by deferring treatments to save money? Not necessarily, experts say. You can, in fact, prioritize and cut back in a way that scales back costs while also keeping you healthy. The key is knowing what is essential and what is not."

Get the facts from physicians by clicking here.

Seal populations continue to explode off New England

"If you’ve been on a Cape Cod beach this winter, you may have encountered an extraordinary animal comeback: Seals."

Click here to get the full story.

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