Friday, February 13, 2009

It's a Good News Day, even if it is Friday, February 13 (posted by Mary Beth)

Get the stain out with this simple guide

"Crashing splashes, oozing squishes, crackling smashes and crunching smishes.

Whatever the accident, you've got a mess. But a stain doesn't have to become permanent if you know the drill."

You'll find solutions to your stain problems here.

No Time to Check Out: Evangelicals and Politics

"Cal Thomas, a conservative evangelical columnist, is someone I really admire. But shortly after Barack Obama’s historic election victory, he wrote a column called 'Religious Right, R.I.P.,' which I strongly disagree with. In it, Thomas asserts that evangelicals should abandon their efforts to impact culture through political involvement."

Mark Earley expresses his opinion here.

Reverse your luck on Friday the 13th

"The Boston Globe offers a series of tips for offsetting the 'curse' of Friday the 13th."

Cast your vote for the best remedy here.

A guy's guide to surviving Valentine's Day

"Valentine’s Day is one of the few days of the year that a guy needs to be on his best behavior (anniversaries and birthdays are the other two). The day may be made for lovers, but it sure could end in disaster if a guy doesn’t watch his step. Never fear, for this handy-dandy guide will help you find your way through the love-craze maze."

Click here for the insider secrets!

Russian performers take on the world

"After an energetic performance of her song 'The Party's Over,' the Russian pop star Valeriya paused to deliver a sound bite. 'Music has no borders!' she shouted to a crowd of music industry executives at a recent conference in Cannes."

The story awaits you here.

What in the Heck is Valentine's Day?

"The approach of Valentines Day in North America ushers in a season of anxiety to many individuals who in some cases have based their value and self worth on weather or not anyone cares enough to remember them on a Valentines Day."

Read what a pastor has to say about the holiday here.

Have a great day, everyone!

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