Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009 Good News Posts (Margaret)

Church within a church

"The 20-somethings hang out in the kitchen, perched on countertops and munching tortilla chips in a Westerville home.

In jeans and sweat shirts, they talk about work, their in-laws and which couple had the best TV to host a Super Bowl party.

Then the four married couples migrate to the living room of Alex and Jessica Coleman, open their Bibles, and start reading aloud. They read from the book of Romans and talk about sin, guilt and forgiveness."

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On Valentine's Day ... A Real Love Connection

"Ah, love. That four-letter word many people dread on Valentine’s Day."

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Bighearted Hello

"Inspired by the movie 'Monsters, Inc.' and a package of oversize googly eyes, 6-year-old Luke Fleener of Houston, Texas, created this bighearted cyclops with an in-sight-ful inscription: 'I've got my eye on you!'"

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Belly Fat Linked to Risk of Migraines

"Belly fat has been linked to increased risks for heart disease and diabetes. Now new research suggests it may also be linked to an increased risk for migraines, at least until middle age."

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