Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 Good News Posts from Margaret

How to Choose Valentine's Day Flowers for a Gardener

"Choosing flowers for someone who gardens can be as intimidating as cooking for a gourmet. Don’t think that because they grow flowers, they don't like receiving them as a gift. Many gardeners hate to cut flowers from their own gardens to bring indoors; they like to see their garden full of splendor. So a gift of cut flowers or a flowering plant is a guilt free pleasure that might just inspire them to garden some more."

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Spanish artist hopes her art opens people's hearts to God's love

"Contemporary artist Maria Tarruella hopes her first U.S. exhibit can open the hearts of people around her to the love of God."

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Lighten Up!

"Police who? Police stop telling these awful knock-knock jokes!

Did you laugh? Or crack even the slightest grin (with a slight "oh-brother" eye roll added for good measure, perhaps)? I sure hope so, because our ability to laugh with our children and at ourselves during the rough-and-tumble years of raising preschoolers is often diminished by our pursuit of doing everything right. Doing things right requires our utmost attention and serious thought. It demands we strategically project the consequences of our mothering choices today to the distant future—say when our child is 20 or 30 years old."

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February 2, 2009 To Be: Grateful

"We talk a lot about being grateful and counting our blessings round about Thanksgiving time. But as Christians, it’s something we should practice year-round."

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Dell expands US electronics recycling program (AFP)

"Computer maker Dell on Wednesday expanded its US electronics recycling network to more states and began an online gadget trade-in program.

People can bring used computers and other electronics to Goodwill stores in 18 states, where items in decent shape are resold and devices in need of repair are either refurbished or broken down to salvage as scrap."

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