Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good News From Mary Feb. 11, 2009

No Greater Love than the Father's Love

Years ago I wished that I could have ripped Valentines Day off the calendar. I was a single young woman and that was the one day that I felt unloved, lonely and forgotten.

But today its one of my favorite days to celebrate. God used the love of a little child to change it for me and teach me what love really is.

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Hope for Hopeless Marriages

Ever since she was a little girl, Tracey had dreamed of this day. And now it was finally here! Her dress . . . a long classic-style princess dress of beautiful white silk . . . and she was marrying her prince––her best friend, Mark. All that was missing were the horses and carriage. She couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful than this treasured day!

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Koala love story wins hearts after deadly fires

A love story between two badly burned koalas rescued from Australia's deadliest bushfires has provided some heart-warming relief after days of devastation and the loss of over 180 lives.

The story of Sam and her new boyfriend Bob emerged after volunteer firefighter Dave Tree used a mobile phone to film the rescue of the bewildered female found cowering in a burned out forest at Mirboo North, 150 km (90 miles) southeast of Melbourne.

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Cat Rescued From 6-story Highway Pillar In Houston

A lift had to be used to rescue a cat from atop a 6-story concrete support pillar for a Houston elevated freeway. The striped gray kitty could be heard meowing Wednesday after the Houston SPCA retrieved the cat and put the animal in a transport cage.

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Teachers invite 'Wii Music' into the classroom

You might play games with your kids at home. But would you send your kids to school to play video games?

You might if the teacher were Eileen Jahn, who teaches music at the St. Philip’s Academy in Newark, N.J. She’s one of 60 music educators around the country that have begun to integrate “Wii Music” into their regular curriculum.

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