Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 Good News Now Stories

Companion Plants for Tomatoes

"There are plants that work well together and plants that should be kept apart. Matching the two groups into a garden plan is often difficult, especially in a small space. Companion planting tomatoes is a lot easier than trying to lay out your entire vegetable garden with good companions."

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Idaho Pastor Claims Successful Answer to Famous Atheist's Easter Challenge

"Dan Barker was once a preacher and writer of popular Christian songs, but in 1984 he told friends he did not believe in God any longer and walked away from ministry. He is now co-president of the largest atheist group in the U.S., the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF, Inc.) in Madison, Wisconsin. The group has filed numerous legal suits trying to do such things as removing monuments of the Ten Commandments from city parks and 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance. When it comes to Easter, for sixteen years Dan Barker has challenged Christians concerning the reliability of the story from the Bible. His 'Easter Challenge' is found in his 1992 book "Losing Faith in Faith." Using the words of the Bible, Barker asks Christians to begin at Easter and make a list of the events described in all the various stories of who did what, when, and where from the time of the resurrection up to the time of Jesus' ascension into heaven. His only condition is that not one detail from the Bible be omitted. Barker sees the accounts as contradictory in numerous places, casting a shadow of certain doubt on the truthfulness of the Easter story. According to Barker, few Christians have responded to his Challenge, and none have succeeded."

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TV Anchor Left at the Altar Gives Advice on Dating

"At the height of her career as a TV anchor and madly in love with a man she expected to soon call husband, Kimberley Kennedy lost everything – her career, love, health, and money. In her wrestle with God and life, she learned about the Father’s love and emerged with a new motto in life – 'man’s rejection, God’s protection.'"

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Let the Children Come to Me

"March 21, 2009—Jesus said, 'Let the children come to me.' On Saturday morning in Montevideo, Uruguay, thousands did just that."

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