Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good News for March 25 (posted by Mary Beth)

DREAM RESCUE Fire Fighter Spiderman Saves Autistic Boy

"A Thai fire fighter put on a Spiderman suit to save a scared, autistic boy from falling down three stories from a balcony he sat on in school.

Teachers of the school for children with special needs in Bangkok called for help when the boy, who was scared of his first day in school, sat on a balcony on the third floor and refused to get down."

For more on this amazing rescue, click here.

Pet-ernity Leave: Treating Pets as Humans

"People expecting an addition to the family have a lot on their minds. Besides the changes to their routines, there are short-term considerations like getting time off to properly welcome the bundle of joy into his or her new home.

Happily, there are enlightened employers who understand their anxious employees’ concerns. That’s why Virgin Mobile of Australia is offering its employees five days of unpaid leave to welcome the newcomers home.

Only five days? Well, how long does it take you to get a kitten settled?"

Click here for the rest of Chuck Colson's commentary.

Number of New Orleans area jobs climbed in February

"The New Orleans metro area added 700 jobs in February, a gain that temporarily lays to rest concerns that the local economy might mimic the job hemorrhaging that is taking place nationwide. Employment levels were also up compared with the same month a year ago, according to data released Wednesday by the Louisiana Workforce Commission."

More on the increase is waiting for you here.

Meteorite windfall: Thousands of space rocks land at Field

"Amid months of grim economic news that has been crippling public museums, $3 million worth of rocks from outer space and a $7.3 million endowment landed at the Field Museum Tuesday like manna from heaven.

The windfall means that even as museums everywhere cut corners and pare back research, the Field can expand one of its oldest departments: meteorites."

Click here to read more about this new exhibit at Chicago's Field Museum.

A watery revolt in Boston Harbor

"They came in colonial garb to Boston Harbor today not to dump tea - but to dump what they say is overpriced unnecessary water.

Noting that tap water in Boston and most Eastern Massachusetts' communities that comes from the Quabbin Reservoir passes a slew of rigorous standards for safety and purity – and costs less than a half cent per gallon – ten members of the Think Outside the Bottle campaign performed the tongue-in-cheek demonstration at Christopher Columbus Park in the North End."

To read more about this living history event, click here.

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