Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday, March 18,2009 Good News Stories

Made-to-order magazine lets readers choose (AP)

"Time Inc. is experimenting with a customized magazine that combines reader-selected sections from eight publications as it tries to mimic in printed form the personalized news feeds that have become popular on the Internet.

Called 'mine,' the five-issue, 10-week experiment also aligns readers with the branding message that its sole advertising partner, Toyota Motor Corp., has for its new Lexus 2010 RX sport utility vehicle: It's as customizable as the magazine carrying its ads."

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Religion's Impact on End-of-Life Care

"Terminally ill cancer patients who relied on their religious faith to help them cope with their disease were more likely to receive aggressive medical care during their last week of life, a study shows.

Patients who engaged in what the researchers called positive religious coping, which included prayer, meditation, and religious study, ended up having more intensive life-prolonging interventions such as mechanical ventilation or cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The study is published in the latest edition of The Journal of the American Medical Association."

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Alaskan Catholics in remote villages share special bond during Lent

"Two full days after Ash Wednesday this year, Catholics in remote Alaskan villages were walking around with freshly drawn ashen crosses on their foreheads.

Receiving the traditional Ash Wednesday ashes on Friday might seem odd to those who have never experienced being a Catholic in the far reaches of the Anchorage Archdiocese.

In the frontiers of Alaska, however, the simple presence of a priest on Sunday can be cause for celebration and Catholics have to be willing to adapt to the unusual realities of rural Alaska."

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New Hope for Pollen, Milk Allergies

"Whether you’re allergic to pollen or food, help is on the horizon.

Doctors report early success with a new approach that shortens the course of allergy shots for people allergic to ragweed and grass. Other researchers found that an experimental skin patch may help children who have milk allergies."

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