Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good News for March 18 (posted by Mary Beth)

Save the Children in Sudan: Our Unwavering Commitment to Children

"On March 4 and 5, Save the Children USA and Save the Children United Kingdom received letters from the Sudanese authorities asking us to suspend operations in northern Sudan. We were among at least 13 international aid organizations to have their registrations revoked. No reason was given for the action."

Read the Save the Children Q&A about the situation by clicking here.

"Hooked": Sex, Science, and Spirituality

"Advocates of so-called 'comprehensive sex education' have tried to convince us that kids should be taught in the classroom simply the basic scientific facts about sex, with no values getting in the way. But a new book tells us that science actually demonstrates just how much we need values in the sexual realm.

In Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex Is Affecting Our Children, Doctors Joe McIlhaney and Freda McKissic Bush explain how kids are being taught that there are only two major risks that come with sex: pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases."

Click here for more of Chuck Colson's commentary.

In Chicago's 'Loop U,' schools provide economic buffer

"A sprawling urban campus has taken hold in the Loop and South Loop, with close to 60,000 students from 20 institutions of higher learning inhabiting a slice of downtown Chicago and making a significant economic impact.

'Loop U,' as boosters call it, encompasses 1.65 square miles bounded by the Chicago River, Wacker Drive, Roosevelt Road and the Lakefront and includes students from Columbia College Chicago and the Loop campuses of DePaul and Roosevelt Universities. In the last two years, businesses that cater to students have proliferated, especially coffee houses, burger joints and bars."

Want to read more about an economic bright spot? Click here!

Jumping for bluebonnet joy

"Although part of the country is still experiencing wintry weather, bluebonnets are blooming in Texas. In a delightful slideshow, the Houston Chronicle shares images of pets enjoying the wildflowers."

Click here to view pets and petals.

The pauper and the president

"Retired U.S. Navy Cmdr. Ted Robinson is known locally as a Sacramento County Parks commissioner, but an incident that happened 66 years ago halfway around the world to a man who would later be elected President of the U.S. is what everyone wants to know about.

One night in early August 1943, Ensign Robinson was the radar officer on the lead attack boat in an offensive against the Japanese. It was World War II and a young Lt. John F. Kennedy was believed to have been lost that night when his boat was rammed, and sunk, by a Japanese destroyer."

For more about the historic connection between Robinson and Kennedy, click here.

Dunkin' invites fans to create its next donut

"Sinker buffs, take note. Dunkin' Donuts is calling on all hands to access their inner Rachael Ray and create a doughnut of their own design. (Ray, of course, is the TV uber chef who sometimes promotes the Dunkin' brand.)"

Click here for more on this tasty article.

Understanding Obama's Pastors

"Saturday's New York Times reported that President Obama, in lieu of finding a D.C. church home, 'has quietly cultivated a handful of evangelical pastors for private prayer sessions on the telephone and for discussions on the role of religion in politics.'

Christianity Today has extensively covered four of the five pastors. (Well, we may have articles on Otis Moss deeper in the non-digitized CT archives. We'll keep looking.)"

You'll find insights into the Presidential pastoral partners by clicking here.

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