Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009 Good News Stories (Margaret)

Microsoft to let PC users turn off IE Web browser

"A single check box deep in the guts of the next version of Windows is giving Microsoft Corp. watchers a peek at how the software maker plans to keep European antitrust regulators from marring a crucial software launch."

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Uncovering Fasting

"Denying ourselves. We do it to wriggle into a wedding dress or swimsuit. We do it as we train for an athletic event. We’ll go without to achieve a promotion. We’ll put our own desires aside when a close friend has a need. When our child has the flu, we drop everything. But when fasting is the subject, denying ourselves feels too uncomfortable. We rarely consider practicing this spiritual discipline."

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The Virgins and the Bridegroom

"Christians of every generation have been interested in the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. And no surprise: the second coming of Christ has been the hope of the church in every age."

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First Impressions Are All in the Brain

"Certain brain regions are geared to pick up cues about other people on a first impression -- with just a little information and maybe a few preconceived notions, a new study shows.

Snap judgments, it turns out, aren't arbitrary at all, but are informed by what we see and know of our opinions about what certain personality traits suggest, researchers report in the journal Nature Neuroscience."

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Want blooms? Just use gentle persuasion.

"If you are waiting for spring flowers, you can give them a head start by cutting some 1- to 3-foot branches of early blooming shrubs and trees and bringing them inside to open in a vase ahead of schedule. This is called "forcing," though garden maven Martha Stewart thinks this term sounds too violent. She likens it instead to gentle persuasion."

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