Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8 is a Good News Day (posted by Mary Beth)

The Legume That Lowers Cholesterol

"There's a certain bean that may have cholesterol-lowering powers. Where can you get it? Try a creamy side of hummus.

Research shows that chickpeas, the luscious legume that's pureed for hummus dips, could go a long way toward improving your cholesterol profile."

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The Found Poetry of Postcards

"All those baby-blue skies, all those tan sandy roads, all those quiet brick buildings, all those zippy vanishing points! Dazzling was the first word that popped into mind when I saw 'Walker Evans and the Picture Postcard' at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The shimmer of repetition was so blinding that, at first, it was impossible to approach the grids of cards to study their details. Was that the way Evans saw the collection he amassed over 60 years? Unlikely."

Take an electronic visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by clicking here.

Indiana town thrives as 'orthopedic manufacturing capital'

"These days you can't count on people to buy cars, homes and other big-ticket items, not with more than 650,000 workers getting tossed out of their jobs every month.

But you can bet a bundle on this: As long as Baby Boomers keep falling apart, the orthopedic industry, much of it residing in this unpretentious little town in northern Indiana, should keep humming along nicely."

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Learning from Horses

"I am a third generation horse fanatic. My grandpa needed horses for the farm, and when they were no longer needed to work the land, he kept them for breeding and showing. Even though my mom died when I was just 19, she passed on to me her love of horses. I don't remember life without horses. One of my aunts said that when I was a baby, she would take me for a ride to rock me to sleep.

What amazes me is how often I can see parallels in my relationship with my horse and my relationship with God. Let me to give you an example."

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