Monday, March 30, 2009

Good News for March 30 (posted by Mary Beth)

In the Face of Injustice: Making Sense of Life's Inequities

"'Why me?' is the great existential question of all time. When the 'subway of life' dumps its refuse in our lap, we shake our head in wonder. .."

Click here for insight into injustice.

It's Never Too Late! Sharing the hope we have with aging family members

"I met my wife's grandfather when he was 89 years old. Whenever we visited her grandparents or attended family gatherings in Minnesota, our favorite topic was our childhood memories—even though we were 60 years apart in age.

I guess my childhood in a small village in the Philippines was similar to the way things were for him when he was growing up. We especially enjoyed sharing our fishing stories. Grandpa loved hearing about how I caught mudfish in the rice paddies with my bare hands."

Read more about reaching out to others by clicking here.

21 reasons to smile

"Ruth Kaiser can always find something to smile about. What others see as mundane, 'The Smile Captain' sees as art. Kaiser is a California artist who embraces social media, spreading the word about the Spontaneous Smiley Project around the world using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

Armed with a camera and an infectious positive attitude, Kaiser, 50, acts like a giddy teenager when she talks about effortlessly finding smiles in places you'd never expect -- on a water faucet, in an onion or on the side of a cheese grater."

Click here to share some smiles (and can't you always use one?)!

Plan floated to add life to jazz site

"For more than a year, people have come to the Dew Drop Jazz and Social Hall in Mandeville to listen to jazz performances in the same rustic cabin where Louis Armstrong once serenaded audiences at Saturday night dances.

The 114-year-old venue, partially refurbished and reopened with help from volunteers and the Mandeville city government, has been limited to just a handful of concerts annually because of its age and lack of amenities. It can hold only about 100 people."

For more on the plans to make the music available to more listeners, click here.

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