Friday, March 20, 2009

Good News for March 20 (posted by Mary Beth)

Helping Us Pull Our Ox Cart: The Holy Spirit

"A friend of mine is a rabbi in the Reformed Jewish tradition. After we had become good friends, he gave me a word to the wise. “You’re going to have trouble with Jews and Muslims with this talk of Jesus taking care of your sins for you,” he said in a friendly way."

Read more of Stephen Reed's commentary. Click here.

Want some good environmental news? NASA study finds we dodged global ozone layer catastrophe

"Here's rare good news about an environmental crisis: We dodged disaster with the ozone layer.

A NASA study about ozone-munching chemicals from aerosol sprays and refrigeration used a computer model to play a game of what-if. What if the world 22 years ago didn't agree to cut back on chlorofluorocarbons which cause a seasonal ozone hole to form near the South Pole?"

Click here for more details on the study.

New Orleans actor Patrick Gendusa survives violent attack to get back onstage and in the classroom

"One night in May 2006, local actor and teacher Patrick Gendusa nearly lost his life while walking to his condo in Fauborg Marigny.

A mugger crept up behind him, threw him to the ground and repeatedly kicked his face, leaving him for dead steps from his home."

Gendusa's journey back is chronicled here.

Time to Plant the Peas!

"For gardeners, this week is like the start of the Indy 500, with the announcer saying, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” (Wait, do they still say that now that Danica Patrick is racing?), and the subsequent revving that signals the beginning of a long and exciting race. Friday is the first day of spring, and that means it’s time to plant the peas…"

Click here to learn more about gardening timetables.

World Water Day, March 22nd: Cause for Celebration -- and Indignation)

"If you wake up to clean, running water on World Water Day or any other, count yourself blessed and celebrate, no matter how ordinary it may seem to you. More than 884 million people worldwide don’t have that luxury – roughly one in eight people on the planet."

To learn more about World Water Day, click here

Dubai Cares Supplies School, Hygiene Kits in Gaza

"CARE has distributed more than 10,000 school and hygiene kits to children in the Gaza Strip, courtesy of the charitable organization Dubai Cares, based in the United Arab Emirates. CARE partnered with a number of community-based organizations to distribute the supplies in the aftermath of the Israeli incursion into Gaza that started on December 27, 2008 and ended January 18, 2009."

Click here read more on CARE's activities in the Gaza Strip.

Before you forward that email, check it out!

Email makes mass communications easy and efficient. It can also make an excellent instrument for misinformation. A rumor or hoax can be spread worldwide in a matter of hours. Before you send that story on to someone else, check out the validity of the information by checking with one or more of the Internet myth-busters." offers one resource for checking out emails. Click here. is another source for verifying or debunking that hot story. Click here. offers an urban legends resource as well. Click here.

She's square with life: Hospice brings partners for resident's last dance

"Marilyn Coyne survived the Depression with little food and no heat in her parents' flat in Portland, Maine. She married and sent four kids to college. She saw her husband and one of their children die. And, in November, after three years of fighting breast cancer, she was told by a doctor that she had months to live."

Click here for more of this heartwarming story.

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