Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009 Good News Stories

Lighting the way for those in need

"Ruth Beckman's job is to solve other people's problems. She has plenty of experience. As a younger woman, Beckman raised eight children. Now 73, she mothers the poor, hungry and desperate in Columbus."

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Here are some tips are growing lettuce along with a list of the different varieties of lettuce available.

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Biodiversity Found In Unexpected Regions: More Than 200 Plant Species Found In Semi-arid Rivers In South Eastern Spain

"The prevailing belief to date has been that the streams of south eastern Spain contained nothing of interest. However, a research project by the University of Murcia has shown that these ecosystems, which are unique in Europe, are home to great plant and animal biodiversity. This has enabled the research team to explode the myth that arid systems do not contain any organisms of interest, and to call for them to be protected because of their ecological value."

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Emotions Evoked by Music Are Universal

"Three basic emotions evoked by Western music affect people everywhere, regardless of culture or habits, a new study shows.
People in Africa who've never listened to a radio can still pick up on happy, sad, and fearful emotions in Western music, researchers say in the journal Current Biology."

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Idled workers volunteer more

"Nonprofits are reporting record-setting volunteer interest, helped in part by high unemployment, which has given people more free time and resume gaps to fill. Charity groups also attribute the rise to President Barack Obama's call to community service and a general sense of wanting to help others through tough economic times."

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