Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 Good News Stories (Margaret)

Early steps, healthy habits lower risk of heart disease in women

"According to the American Heart Association, it is estimated that one in every three women die of heart disease. The choices we make each day impact our health in so many ways, including the amount of exercise we get, the number of hours we sleep and how well we handle stress. Some choices may not result in serious consequences, while others are life-changing. But what if the seemingly unimportant choices were the ones that mattered most, such as opting to take the stairs and not the elevator, or choosing baked instead of fried?"

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Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Colds

"A walk in the sun may be better than popping a vitamin C tablet for boosting your chances of preventing the common cold or flu.

A new study adds to mounting evidence that vitamin C may have been stealing the spotlight all these years from the real cold fighter, vitamin D."

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Coping with Your Husband’s Job Loss

"My cell phone rang on Monday morning while I was working at a client’s office. 'Lori, can you meet me at home? I’ve just been let go from my job.' I packed up and got in the car and started to drive, my heart pounding, my mind racing…then the tears started, and I began to pray.'

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Good Health: Body, Soul and Spirit

"Did you know that our bodily, emotional and spiritual health are closely connected? Well, they are. If we guard our bodily health, it helps promote clear thinking and good emotional health, which are beneficial to our soul. If we seek to have good spiritual health, the resultant peace and joy will keep our bodies well and our emotions in line."

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Signs of life

"Although you wouldn't know it from the behavior of the stock market, the economic outlook is turning just a bit less gloomy."

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