Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009 Good News Stories (Margaret)

Peanut Flour May Ease Peanut Allergy

"Eating a tiny bit of peanut flour every day may increase peanut tolerance in children who are allergic to peanuts, a new study shows.

But the scientists who conducted the study aren't recommending their strategy as a do-it-yourself treatment for peanut allergy."

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Ministry partners with the U.S. Navy

"Unsafe drinking water causes illness: more people have died from water-borne diseases than from war."

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Three Big Questions for the Frantic Family

"The vast majority of families I know —including mine —would admit that one or more of the following adjectives apply to them: reactive, scattered, frantic, chaotic, stressed. Kids who are being shuttled from school to soccer to ballet to baseball to piano lessons to birthday parties are not turning out the way their parents want. And parents who are doing all the shuttling and working and cooking and cleaning and socializing and exercising are not feeling fulfilled.

They're looking at each other and wondering, Is this how life's supposed to be? And when they see everyone else is scattered and stressed, they come to the conclusion, maybe it is.

Life is not supposed to be lived this way. Yes, it will be busy and demanding at times, but our lives should be lived with a sense of purpose that allows us to be the people we're meant be. In order to restore sanity and clarity to our family and to live with greater context and purpose, we need to answer and act upon three big simple questions:"

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