Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good News for February 21 (posted by Mary Beth)

Being frugal is IN!

"Cecilia Dames, an expat Midwesterner who has lived in Europe for the past 17 years, noticed it when she returned to St. Louis for a recent family visit.

'Conspicuous consumption is out,' she said. 'Conspicuous frugality is in.'"

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Ax masters: Father-son team fixes, builds guitars for stars and the not-so-famous

"On the busy Main Street just north of Winchester Center, two huge storefront windows reveal hundreds of guitars hanging on the walls. One entire wall is devoted to basses, while Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters, Gretsch Country Gentlemen, Rickenbacker, PRS, and Gibson Les Pauls and SGs line another wall. Behind the display area, another 160 guitars wait patiently in their cases for the expert touch of luthier Jim Mouradian and his son Jon of the Mouradian Guitar Co."

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Steeling their Courage: Naming the beams for Dana Farber patients

"It has become a beloved ritual at Dana-Farber: Every day, children who come to the clinic write their names on sheets of paper and tape them to the windows of the walkway for ironworkers to see. And, every day, the ironworkers paint the names onto I-beams and hoist them into place as they add floors to the new 14-story Yawkey Center for Cancer Care."

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The World Revels in Mardi Gras

"Mardi Gras celebrations are not limited to New Orleans. Take a tour of the variety of ways various places observe the day."

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An out-of-this-world move to save Saturn

"Saturn owners (in some circles they are called fans) obviously are concerned about warranties and service for their vehicles after financially troubled General Motors announced it would phase out the product. They received some good news today, with the circulation of a letter Saturn General Manager Jill Lajdziak sent to owners."

More on the plan here.

6,000 inspiring miles

"This can be a bad world, full of self-interest and hard-heartedness, but every now and again something comes along that is dazzlingly generous and full of the excitement of life. Today's 'something' is a movie about a bicycle journey that three young men took across the United States to raise money for two causes - the American Diabetes Association and the Kupenda foundation for disabled children in Kenya."

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