Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good News for February 19 (posted by Mary Beth)

Wal-Mart Foundation donates $75,000 to World Vision

"Wal-Mart Foundation has teamed up with World Vision to help families in impoverished Chicago communities by providing them with clothing, toiletries and household items through their Family Essentials Program. This program provides support to unemployed women who are searching for a job."

More on the partnership is awaiting you here.

Campbell's changing tomato soup recipe to lower sodium content

"Campbell's tomato soup is one of the top 10 grocery items purchased each week in America, according to its manufacturer. The company announced Wednesday that it has reformulated its century-old recipe to contain just 480 milligrams of sodium per serving, a level considered healthy under federal guidelines, company spokeswoman Juli Mandel Sloves said Wednesday."

Get the rich and steaming details here.

Southwest to serve Logan International Airport by fall

"Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines Co. said it plans to begin flying out of Logan International Airport by the fall, a long-awaited move that could drive down airfares for Boston passengers."

You'll find the rest of the story here.

'Revolutionary Road': Narcissism as Virtue

"Moviegoers are flocking to see their favorite stars from Titanic, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, reunited on the silver screen. But what the Oscar-nominated film Revolutionary Road serves up—and certainly what the critics are eating up—is rank, vile narcissism at its epic worst."

Chuck Colson continues his commentary here.

Wild West, family style

"Throughout five decades, a small unassuming western clothing store has sold countless cowboy hats, boots and belt buckles to generations of area residents -- and made numerous lifelong friends in the process."

Learn more about the success of this family business here.

Joe Icet's life is a field of greens

"In the early ’90s, as Joe Icet’s divorce was going down, he was sick of his life. He didn’t have many friends. Tired all the time, he spent weekends resting so he could drag his sorry self to work on Monday. He worked in Baytown, repairing chemical plants’ refrigerator systems. That job left him as unsatisfied as the meals he microwaved."

Learn how Joe changed his life AND made a difference here.

Amid the grieving, a rare act of sportsmanship

"The coach never considered any other option. It didn't matter that his DeKalb, Ill., High School basketball team had ridden a bus two and a half hours to get to Milwaukee, then waited another hour past game time to play. Didn't matter that the game was close, or that this was a chance to beat a big city team."

Click here to read the story behind an act of true sportsmanship and compassion.

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