Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009 Good News Posts by Margaret

A wrong turn leads to education for thousands of Pakistani, Afghan children

"Very few people can say they have changed the world.

Fewer yet can say they changed a troubled part of the world for the better.

Greg Mortenson turned a disastrous trip down a mountain into a successful journey to bring education to children in Pakistan and Afghanistan."

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Life Expectancy Up, Thanks to Cleaner Air

"Steps to curb air pollution in the United States are paying off, helping to dramatically increase average life spans, a new study says."

Read about this study here...

Researchers develop new semiconductor ink

"U.S. researchers have developed a new type of semiconductor ink that brings companies a step closer to making bendable computer screens or inexpensive sensor tags to help retailers keep track of their inventory."

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Building a Culture of Life One Heart at a Time

"The mission statement of the Sisters of Life states that they are “a contemplative/active religious community dedicated to protecting and advancing a sense of the sacredness of all human life — beginning with the infant in the womb and extending to all those vulnerable to the threat of euthanasia.” Founded by John Cardinal O’Connor in 1991, the sisters begin with prayer and then go out into the world with outreach to create a culture of life one person and one encounter at a time."

Read more about the Sisters of Life here...

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