Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good News for January 22 from Mary Beth

Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant: Richard John Neuhaus

"If you’ve read the groundbreaking book The Naked Public Square, or ever plumbed the depths of the fine journal First Things, then you know what a powerful intellect and defender of the faith Fr. Richard John Neuhaus was."

Read the rest of Chuck Colson's tribute here.

'Marvelous Malia' and 'Sweet Sasha' dolls are not the Obama girls, Ty says

"Well, that didn't take long.

In one of the first apparent attempts to profit from the star power of the new First Daughters, Ty Inc., the Beanie Babies empire based in Westmont, has come out with Sasha and Malia dolls. Or has it?"

For the discussion, click here.

Bluegrass preservation effort gathers a head of steam

"Bluegrass music never aspired to great popularity. With its blending of guitar, mandolin, banjo and fiddle, the music was never about what's cool or trendy; it was about artistry and earnestness.

But its followers—like those of the Grateful Dead—are hard-core loyal, and that is what led a man in Tinley Park to make his home an unlikely epicenter for a bluegrass music renaissance."

Get the details here.

Snowshoeing -- When there's no other way to get around

"Antsy to hike in the Sierra – but unable because some of our trails and the gated-and-chained trailhead parking lots are under snow – we put aside wishful thinking and went to Plan B."

Click here to plow on through to the rest of the story.

And the Oscar nominees are...

"'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,' a fable about a man who ages in reverse, dominated the 81st annual Academy Award nominations this morning, earning 13 nods, including best film, best actor for Brad Pitt and best director for David Fincher."

Click here for your ticket to the rest of the nominations.

Dr. Bonsai's work is never quite finished

"You can ask Dr. Bonsai anything, but just don't ask him if he can bring a dead bonsai tree back to life. Even if that bonsai is an $8,500 Japanese black pine with artfully displayed gnarled exposed root."

Here are more details of this fascinating job.

Obama books for kids capitalize on a teachable moment

"Now that you have your souvenir edition of the newspaper, brace yourself for the coming commemorative books and magazines documenting the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president."

Read all about it here.

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