Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009 Good News Posts From Margaret

Plan for Blooms All Season Long With This Almanac of Perennials

"What do the demure foamflower of April, the outlandish peony of May and the wild goldenrod of September have in common? They are hardy perennials, plants that bloom in their season and then retreat slowly into the ground, to grow afresh the next year. "

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Scientists find way to remove lead from blood

"South Korean scientists may have found a way to remove dangerous heavy metals such as lead from blood by using specially designed magnetic receptors."

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Nintendo Wii Leads Record-Breaking Year for Games (NewsFactor)

"The video-game industry has officially defied the economic downturn, although Sony's high-priced PlayStation 3 lags lower-priced consoles. The NPD Group reported a record-breaking year for video games."

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The Mission Society celebrates a landmark birthday

"25 years ago, a small group of United Methodists had a passion to take Christ to the world's under-evangelized and unreached people."

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