Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shot of the Day January 17, 2009

Hanging the Show, 1

I love minimalistic photography. In the circle of photographers that I frequent on Flickr there is one whom I note when I am looking through the photo stream of my contacts. When I saw this week that she was in a photo exhibit I requested permission to post one of her photos of the show being hung.

Lynn Park’s exhibition began this week and runs through the end of February at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, 500 De Haro, San Francisco, California.

St. Gregory’s has a tradition of supporting the arts and a group of Lynn’s friends raised the money to have the 24 prints and two multi-image collages mounted. The theme of the exhibit is "The Benign Eye." Lynn tells me that she shoots from a wheelchair on the sidewalk or through a bus window. Because I have studied her work over the last year or two, I find this fascinating and refreshing. Any restriction Lynn may have as an artist in execution of her art is made up in pure vision. I am very pleased to know her work is being shared within the community and through a community of faith.

Please visit Lynn Parks at her Flickr site for a close look at her art.

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