Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stories for Wednesday, January 7, 2009 from Margaret

Why You Should Eat What You Crave

"You've been told way too often to resist cravings. You know: "When cookies call, munch on carrots. When ice cream screams, scoop up some cottage cheese." Yeah, right. Better advice: When you've just gotta have it, give in -- but eat the healthiest version of whatever it is you're lusting after. And try to buy a single portion so there are no leftovers to tempt you the next day, when the crisis has passed. Some yummy options: "

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Content With Less

“As president of Ron Blue and Company, Canada, nothing frustrates Michael Gibney more than when he hears people equate poverty with spirituality.”

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As a former home schooling mom, I found some of these new statistics exciting and encouraging.

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Of Bumper Carand Harpoons

Here is a story on growing old from a humorous point of view.

Click here is read what Phil Callaway has to say on the subject.

Eating healthy on a budget

“If you think it's impossible to eat healthy on a budget, you're not alone.
Heather Tenney, better known as Little Miss Know it All, writes a blog for The Enquirer's Web site about saving money on groceries, and she hears it all the time.”

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