Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Kings' Day from Mary Beth

Today is January 6, Epiphany...

...(or 'Kings' Day' in New Orleans), a day representative of the arrival of the Wise Men in Bethlehem. To help celebrate, check out the History of the King Cake.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin launches 2009 Carnival season with King Cake party

If you don't think they take King Cake seriously in New Orleans, think again! Check out this official kickoff announcement, straight from the New Orleans Times Picayune.

Procedure shows promise in Parkinson's patients

Patients with advanced Parkinson's disease who received deep brain stimulation showed greater improvement in movement and quality of life after six months than those treated with medication, a new study shows.

The Best Laid Plans (A Devotion from the Road of Life - Number 18 in a series)

We make our plans. What happens when God's plan for you is different?

This is part of a series of devotions. To see more of the series, click here.

What Price Life?: Health-Care Rationing in Britain

Commentator Chuck Colson takes a look at what's happening under socialized medicine in Great Britain. Click here to read his perspective.

Hungry seal hits bonanza at fish hatchery

Looking for a stellar seafood place on the Cape, with locally raised fare and no wait? A brazen young harbor seal found just that today after she sneaked into a state fish hatchery in Sandwich and dined on an all-you-can-eat trout buffet before being nabbed and returned to the sea.

And what good news have you seen today?

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