Monday, June 11, 2007

The News today is about Personal Finance

I am not sure why I like these articles about money. I prefer to not worry about money, BUT... there are realities to live with. MONEY is big on the list. Emotions and money for some go hand in hand. We use money for a crutch, to make ourselves feel better and all kind of not so good things. That is why personal finance articles appeal to me, they take the emotions out of it and make it understandable and practical.

I love Michelle Singletary from the Washington Post. She is practical and nice. ..

Budget By the Old Envelope System

... if you can't understand her, she makes things pretty simple, then you are probably like these people.. .

Oh dear!

Can family afford for mom to stay at home?

Not to be judgmental... I do hope 10 years from now they aren't writing about me in an article like this.

Also, thinking of buying a home. This is just good advice.

10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make

Wisdom is learning from other people's mistakes. So there ya go. Read up. And remember "everyone needs help, so it is ok to ask questions and learn what you don't know instead of stumbling in the dark."

So read Good News Now for clear, concise and nice financial news!

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