Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 Good News Stories (margaret)

Equipment for core, functional training

"As you learned in last week's column, functional and core training exercises are an important part of a well-rounded fitness program. Functional training involves performing exercises that leave you better prepared to handle everyday activities and tasks, and involve core muscles that help to support the spinal column. The result is better posture and balance, less stress on muscles and joints and reduced risk of injuries."

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The Largest Content Safe, Family-Friendly Social Network Debuts...

"One of the worst recessions in years has activated a national return to faith, family values and hope above material consumerism. Today, the world's largest faith and family based social network, tangle.com announced the launch of its new name and Web site which hosts more than 550,000 registered members. tangle.com is designed to appeal to one of the single largest audiences in America, the faith-based community and those seeking family friendly and safe content."

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Budget crunches hit jail; ministry rethinks approach

"One of the most widely-distributed Bibles published by International Bible Society-Send The Light is designed for a captive audience.

Rich Blanco, IBS-STL's Vice President of Outreach, says the economic crises gripping the U.S. cost them one of their discipleship programs. However, the need for something to replace it was clear. IBS receives over 400 letters a week from inmates around the U.S. "

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Pray for Revival in America

"We are in the midst of the most serious crisis our nation has faced in my lifetime, and I believe unless God intervenes, America will never again be the great country that we have known and loved."

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Grandpa is ... browsing your Facebook page

"When your 88-year-old grandfather sends a request to be your 'friend' on Facebook, you have two choices: Either confirm it, then quickly take down all those party pictures you thought were so funny, or plan on never coming home for the holidays."

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