Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 Good News Post

US Students Lobby for Clean Energy, Carbon Caps

"U.S. President Barack Obama set aside more than $30 billion for several renewable energy projects in the government's massive economic stimulus package. And this week, thousands of students from across the nation descended on Washington for a youth summit on climate change and energy policy. Many of them went to Capitol Hill to demand action on preserving the environment."

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Alternative to Easter 'Paganism' Offered to Churches, Ministries, Parents

"Anomalos Publishing House has released 'Easter Hunt for Jesus' by Karol Hansen, founder and leader of "Encourage A Child" Ministries in Southern California."

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How Then Should We Live?

"Christians have been looking for Jesus’ Second Coming ever since He left the first time. We have always longed for the time when our Savior will come from heaven and make everything right once again on the earth. I hope you’re looking for it because Paul says at the end of 2 Timothy that there is a crown awaiting all of those who are longing for His appearing. Are you longing for it? Do you get up in the morning thinking, This could be the day? "

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The Mission Society creates new library in Ghana

"One Ghanaian village is being reached with the love of Christ by means of a new library."

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