Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009 Good News Stories (Margaret)

Frugal Gardening

"It's easy to get carried away planting a garden. Even after you've bought all the necessary tools and supplies, there are always more plants to covet and new gadgets to try. But that doesn't mean your garden has to turn into a sink hole for your money. Some of the best gardening tips don't cost a cent and some will help you save money for years. Here are 10 no-pain ways to save money and resources while gardening and still have the garden of your dreams."

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Doodling May Boost Memory

"The next time you're stuck on hold or zoning out during a dull meeting, you might want to reach for a pen and doodle -- and not just to ease your boredom.

Doodling might help you remember snippets of key information that's mentioned in those conversations, a new study shows."

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5 Ways to Slim Down in 2009

"You’re two months into the New Year and you still haven’t started that resolution to eat healthy, exercise more and lose weight."

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