Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009 Good News Stories (Margaret)

Lent time to reflect on Christ

"Think of Lent as a time to get pumped up for the Big Game.

On Easter, Christians will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that he died for their sins.

During the Lenten season, which starts next week on Ash Wednesday, churches encourage people to reflect on God and their own spirituality."

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Which Online Brokers Keep Clients Happy?

"When investors' portfolios plunged last year, so too did their satisfaction with their online brokerages, according to a new survey. That's hardly a surprise -- people blame the weatherman for rain, too. But some brokerages held up much better than others, showing that when it comes to keeping clients happy, size, reputation and communication are key."

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Unusual Electronic Properties In Bismuth-based Crystalline Material May Lead To Better Computer Chips And Solar Cells

"The scientists determined that a crystal made of bismuth, iron and oxygen can perform an electronic feat typically not feasible with conventional semiconductors. It acts as a reversible diode – essentially an electronic turnstile that lets current flow in one direction under certain conditions and in the opposite direction under different conditions. Traditional semiconductor diodes are not reversible – the direction of current flow that they allow is fixed during fabrication."

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