Friday, January 16, 2009

Good News for January 16 from Mary Beth

Champions of Charity: Faith-Based Initiatives

For years to come, President Bush’s supporters and detractors will argue over how he responded to 9/11 and Katrina, conducted the war on terror, and handled the economy.

But there’s one effort that, in my opinion, the administration deserves a lot of credit for—one the media is overlooking. And that’s the President’s Faith-Based and Community Initiative, which released its final report earlier this week.

More of Mark Earley's commentary awaits you here.

Art Deco darlings; Survey aims to find and preserve Chicago's gems

Zigzagging decoration. Bursts of color. An upbeat celebration of modernity. Art Deco buildings are rare in this city of right angles and “less is more” sobriety. So it makes sense to preserve them, not only downtown but also in Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Click here to read more about the preservation effort.

Ride on the wild side

"Easy Rider" cruised into town 40 years ago. Today, Easyriders comes to Sacramento as motorcycle enthusiasts anticipate the annual motorcycle expo.

Roar on over to more information by clicking here.

Metairie, LA 'Family Gras' festival spreads its wings

In addition to marquee performers such as Sara Bareilles, Better Than Ezra, Jesse McCartney and Lee Ann Womack, the third installment of Jefferson Parish's Family Gras will include an art market and a second stage focusing on Louisiana musicians, organizers said.

Let the good times roll right here!

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