Sunday, August 30, 2009

Missing boaters endured a 'survival test,' says rescued boater

"Rescued after spending eight days lost at sea, Tressel Hawkins was happy to be back in Texas.

'Actually, it feels great to be on solid ground,' he told CNN on Sunday.

Hawkins, 43, and his fellow boaters, Curtis Hall, 28, and James Phillips, 30, set out to catch swordfish and marlin when they set sail about 100 miles south of Matagorda Bay in Texas. But one night early on during their trip in the Gulf of Mexico, Hawkins was jolted by a 'rude awakening.'"

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Alex said...

Wow, this is amazing, but their will to survive is awesome, I've got chills...funny, I don't recall the media playing this at all, I guess they need all the time they can to whine about shorts, michael jackson's death, scott peterson, etc...