Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good News From Mary April 8, 2009

Make the Easter Message Come Alive for Your Kids

For 3 ½ years I’ve opened my home to 6 very special girls. I call them my Balcony Girls, and each time we meet, the girls learn a life lesson. In honor of Holy Week, I want to give you a very simple, easy, valuable lesson that you can share with children to help them prepare for Easter! I believe this lesson encompasses the most important lesson that our children will ever learn. It goes like this:

Discuss Love and Betrayal

Your friend, who you’ve known and trusted for years, has betrayed you. You are shocked and cannot believe it has happened. The daggers go deep into your heart and it really hurts. Betrayal separates, divides and causes strife. It’s very painful when a friend betrays you. It hurts even worse when it is someone whom you consider to be a best friend!

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"Brown fat" may help adults lose weight

A sparse form of fat that helps keep newborns warm is more common in adults than previously thought and that discovery that could lead to a new way to lose weight, researchers said on Wednesday.

Once activated by cold temperatures, so-called brown fat burns calories faster than regular fat. It is normally so dormant in adults that there has been debate over how much adults have or whether they have it at all.

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Test 'sheds light on back pain'

A simple technique could help doctors differentiate between patients with different causes of back pain and thus improve treatment, a study suggests.

Researchers writing in PLoS Medicine have devised "bedside" tests which distinguish between neuropathic - nerve damage - and other causes of pain.

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Tapping Business Skills That Already Exist

Entrepreneurial impulses can be stirred to life by the most unexpected influences.

In Donna Young’s case, it was culture shock. Ms. Young grew up on the sparsely populated Andros Island in the Bahamas with 10 siblings and had long pursued a professional career. But after she married Larry Young, an architect, and moved to Epping, N.H., in 2003, she struggled to adjust to New England’s taciturn ways. “I was the only black woman in my work place,” she said. “A lot of the time, I felt I didn’t fit in. I felt I had to be best at everything I did.”

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Making the grade

With the end of the recession nowhere in sight, starting out at an inexpensive community college or state school and transferring to a more prestigious but costlier institution after a year or two takes on new appeal as a way to save thousands of dollars.

But any anticipated savings can evaporate quickly when students make some common and costly transfer mistakes.

"Transferring between schools can be a great way to save money, but you have to do some investigation and preparation to make it work," said Susan Weir, an assistant vice-provost at the University of South Carolina and author of Transitions: A Guide For the Transfer Student.

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