Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good News for April 7 (posted by Mary Beth)

The Empty Tomb and the Emptied Urn

"I inhaled as I stepped behind the pulpit, ready for a fight. It was a sermon series on the end times, and I knew there'd be controversy. I looked out at the elderly man in the fourth pew with his ScofieldReference Bible in tow, the woman in the back with her John Hagee book on the Middle East crisis, the teenager in the front with the Left Behind video game on his computer at home."

To learn more about what the wounds of Jesus can — and can't — tell us about our resurrection bodies,click here.

Obama makes surprise first visit to Iraq as president

"Unannounced and shielded by heavy security, President Barack Obama flew to Iraq today for a brief inspection of a war he opposed as a candidate and now vows to end as commander in chief. 'There is still a lot of work to do here,' he declared.

Arriving not long after a deadly car bomb exploded across town, Obama spoke favorably of political progress being made in Iraq but also expressed concern that recent gains could deteriorate with the upcoming national elections."

Click here to read more about the President's visit.

North Carolina rolls past Michigan State 89-72 to win the NCAA tournament championship

"Nobody disagreed that North Carolina was the best team in the nation at the start of the season. There's no argument at the end either.

The Tar Heels capped an outstanding season by dismantling Michigan State 89-72 in Monday night's NCAA tournament championship game at Ford Field, delivering on preseason hype when they were selected as a unanimous No. 1 team and predicted by some to go through the season undefeated."

Click here for more on the story.

Top 20 Police and Fire shows

"Television shows focusing on police and firefighters have long been a favorite among viewers. The mystery, excitement, and drama, tend to keep fans coming back for more."

Did your favorite make the Boston Globe's Top Twenty? Find out here.

Pondering the past: Clarksville Day will give wrecking-ball slated ghost town a chance to shine

"Dozens of volunteers donned gloves and hauled trash out of Clarksville so the once-thriving town can have another chance to shine before it faces bulldozers for commercial development in a few years.

El Dorado Hills is built on the bones of Clarksville, but there is still a small area containing about a dozen structures and a stretch of the original Lincoln Highway that most don’t even know still exists."

Click here for more on Clarksville, California.

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