Monday, April 6, 2009

Good News for April 6 (posted by Mary Beth)

Poll Finds New Optimism on Economy Since Inauguration

"Americans have grown more optimistic about the economy and the direction of the country in the 11 weeks since President Obama was inaugurated, suggesting that Mr. Obama is enjoying some success in his critical task of rebuilding the nation’s confidence, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll."

To read the rest of this story, click here.

Save the Children Responds to Children Affected by Italian Earthquake

"Save the Children has deployed emergency experts to central Italy, where a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck in the early hours of Monday morning and displaced thousands of people. The team will focus on assessing and responding to the most urgent needs for children."

Click here for more on the relief effort.

Astonishing Folly: Anti-Christian Britain

"As you may know, in Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, converting from Islam to Christianity is a crime punishable by death. While they don’t go that far, certain Indian states and Nepal erect formidable hurdles for would-be converts to Christianity.

And then there’s the United Kingdom."

Click here for the rest of Chuck Colson's commentary.

Michael Jordan elected to Basketball Hall of Fame

"Michael Jordan accepted a Hall of Fame jersey, looked at former competitors John Stockton and David Robinson and threatened to make another comeback.

'Every time I see these guys, I want to put my shorts on,' Jordan said."

Want to know more about his feelings? All you have to do is click here.

Advocate of livable cities sees the big, detailed picture

"Tim Beatley wants to bring nature back to city streets. He’s trekked through Copenhagen, Melbourne and other far-flung locales to see why people have left their cars in favor of walking, or planted gardens on their roofs. In Houston last week to speak at Rice University, the author and University of Virginia professor took a few minutes to talk with Chronicle reporter Maggie Galehouse."

Click here to eavesdrop on the interview with Professor Beatley.

World-Record Athlete Scott Rigsby Named Team World Vision Advocate for Children Living with Disabilities

"If you think running a marathon or completing a triathlon for a great cause is beyond your reach, don’t tell Scott Rigsby. The Ironman triathlete, also a double amputee, is teaming with World Vision to ask Americans to look beyond their limitations and set previously unthinkable goals---to help children with disabilities and living in poverty achieve theirs."

For more on how World Vision plans to work with Rigsby to aid disabled children, click here.

Audio Bibles Make the Final Four

"Rev. Billy Graham once said, 'One coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime. So who's coaching the coaches?'

Two influential Christian ministries have teamed up to do just that. This week in Detroit at the NCAA men's basketball tournament, Faith Comes By Hearing and Nations of Coaches will inspire about 700 coaches to lead their teams from a biblical perspective and then provide them with free Audio Drama New Testaments."

Click here for more on this plan to coach the coaches.

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