Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good News for April 2 (posted by Mary Beth)

A Manifold Resurrection: Why the risen Jesus met people in five different ways—and still does

"From January to April, we live between the times—between Christmas and Easter, Bethlehem and Golgotha, Incarnation and Resurrection. What strikes me about the Gospel accounts of Christmas and Easter are the varied ways in which God works. In the Incarnation, God masterminds the announcement of the good news of the birth of Christ. He sends prophets well in advance to foretell the coming of the Messiah. He commissions an angel to announce the birth to a virgin. He sets a new star in the heavens to summon wise men from the East. He sends a company of singing angels to pronounce Christ's birth to the shepherds in the fields. He quickens Anna the prophetess to declare the arrival of the Messiah on his day of circumcision. Though Christ was born in a lowly manger, there was nothing quiet about his birth."

For more on the celebration, click here.

Standing Up to Distractions (A Devotion)

"I have learned from hard experience how easy it is to be distracted by seemingly innocent behaviors. Suddenly time has passed; things I should have done are not done, while I’ve been doing something that bore no fruit. Have you ever had that happen to you? If so, you know what I mean."

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Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue: Designer Babies

"Mr. and Mrs. Jones want a baby. They visit a fertility clinic and announce: 'We want a boy—blond hair and blue eyes, please. We want him to be at least six feet tall, good at sports and have great musical ability.'

'No sweat,' the doctor says. Nine months later, baby Logan is born."

The rest of Chuck Colson's commentary awaits you here.

Capone home on the market

"For sale: Six-room two-flat in Chicago's Park Manor neighborhood; ornate tile work; impressive brick exterior; an underground cellar big enough to hide some cash or ditch a tommy gun.

The home at 7244 S. Prairie Ave. once owned by mobster Al Capone and his family has hit the market for $450,000. It's a hefty sum considering similar two-flats in that working-class South Side neighborhood are selling for $180,000 to $230,000. But no other home in Chicago can match the history of the modest brick house that has had just two owners since Capone's mother died in 1952."

Want more information on this famous (or would 'infamous' be more appropriate?) home? Click here.

French Ambassador to Benin Visits Mercy Ship

"This week, French Ambassador Hervé Besancenot and his contingent of 11 officials made a scheduled visit to the Africa Mercy, docked in the port of Cotonou, Benin.

The Ambassador and his team were given an informative tour of the Africa Mercy’s onboard hospital. The Ambassador was keen to interact with the patients in the wards, particularly a young boy who had recently undergone corrective surgery on his legs."

Click here to learn more of the ambassador's visit.

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