Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good News for April 1 (posted by Mary Beth)

What’s a Government to Do?: The Political Illusion

"Just this week we received the stunning news that the President of the United States for all intents and purposes fired the chairman of General Motors. He also gave Chrysler 30 days to merge with Italian automaker Fiat. This level of White House involvement in areas formerly reserved to corporate board rooms is unprecedented.

And whether you applaud or bemoan the President’s actions, we have to ask the question: What is the proper role of government? It’s a good time to ask it now, especially when people seem to be succumbing yet again to what I call the 'political illusion.'”

Click here for the rest of Chuck Colson's commentary.

Year of the Study Bible: Christian publishers struck the right chord in 2008

"In some ways, 2008 was a year of the Same Old Thing in Bible publishing. Marketing teams somehow thought up more niches to target, including the comic-book junkie (with the Manga Bible graphic novels), the avant-garde photographer (with Bible Illuminated), the eco-enthusiast (with HarperOne's Green Bible), and the tween wanting personalized charm pendants (with the Expressions of Me NIV Bible for Girls).

In another way, though, it was a year when Christian publishers remembered their first love and provided a new set of study tools for serious miners of God's Word."

To read more on Bible publishing, click here.

Peeps on Parade: Which will be the winner?

"Ah, the rites of spring -- that first crocus poking through the dirt, people in Uncle Sam suits in front of tax preparation offices, a Cub with a tender shoulder."

And Peeps making their ap-peep-rance in the Chicago Tribune Peeps competition!

Click here for a little soft, colorful and fluffy fun!

Strengthening the safety net for autism in adulthood

"It is a lament that would ring familiar to many a parent: I don't want my child to leave home.

But this parent, Marie Duggan, was not talking about a child trundling away to college or shipping off to war. Her autistic son, Michael, had scarcely crested adolescence when his Roslindale family confronted the prospect of him moving to a house, miles away, with other teens.

Duggan's cry found a receptive audience in Boston's mayor, Thomas M. Menino."

For more on what is being done to fill gaps in programs for autistic adults in the Boston area, click here.

A Diplomat’s Unlikely Rise to ‘Slumdog’ Acclaim

"It’s an impossible story, really, how a modest fellow from a family of lawyers becomes a back-office diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service, writes his first novel in a feverish two months, finds a clientless agent over the Internet and has a British director turn his mid-list book into a movie that wins the best-picture Academy award and seven other Oscars."

Click here to learn more about this unlikely author.

The Next Best Step

"I'm standing at a crossroad in my life. Whenever I encounter times like this I try to remember to stop and breathe deeply, noticing where my attention is focused. Occasionally I am surprised, and receive immediate guidance to move forward. At other times, I discover that I really am stuck by not-knowing, fear, uncertainty, or the knowledge the best next step isn't clear--or it isn't time to be made, just yet."

For more on her story, click here.

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