Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009 Good News Now Stories

Eco-friendly palms gain popularity

"The palms that First Congregational Church ordered for Sunday's services were farm grown in Central America using environmentally friendly methods."

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Sleep Clears Way for New Learning

"Want to learn something new? Try getting a good night’s sleep or taking a long nap.

Sleep is now recognized as being critical for learning and memory, and now a new study in fruit flies offers clues as to why."

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Keys, Self-Centeredness, and Stations

"Lent is winding down, but it’s still cold, and early Monday mornings are stiff with the desire to stay in bed.

I left my keys in my husband’s car last night, but didn’t realize it until all the children were in jackets and headed to the van for Mass this morning."

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Easter Lilies - Selecting, Caring For and Re-Blooming Your Easter Lily

"Easter Lilies, (Lilium longiflorum), with their large, white, trumpet-shaped flowers and wonderful fragrance are a traditional Easter time treat. More than likely your Easter Lily was grown by one of a handful of growers located along the border of California and Oregon, an area labeled the “Easter Lily Capital of the World”. Ninety-five percent of the 11 ½ million Eater Lilies grown and sold originate in this capital. "

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Straw Bale House Survives Violent Shaking At Earthquake Lab

"It huffed and puffed, but the 82-ton-force, earthquake-simulation shake table could not knock down the straw house designed and built by University of Nevada, Reno alumna and civil engineer Darcey Donovan."

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