Friday, March 6, 2009

Good News From Mary March 5, 2009

Lent 2.0: No Facebook, No Twitter

Most days you can find college sophomore Adan Farrah on his laptop checking in with his classmates, looking at photos and updating his personal page on Facebook.

For the 19-year-old and many of his friends, the social networking site is something close to an obsession.

"I'm on there a total of three hours a day ... four hours on weekends," said Farrah, a native of Monroe, N.J., and now a student at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania.

But on Ash Wednesday, Farrah decided to quit Facebook cold turkey.

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16 Big, Bad Money Wasters

Want to know how to accumulate cash in a hurry? Stop wasting it. One tiny crack in your finances can turn into a major drain through which untold sums are totally wasted. It’s time to start plugging the leaks. To get you started, here are sixteen of the biggest, baddest money wasters:

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$ave By Getting A Grip On Your Finances

Everybody's looking to save money these days.

But it's tough to save if you don't have a handle on how much money you actually have, or where it's going each month.

In The Early Show's "Save a Bundle" series Friday, financial contributor Vera Gibbons offered a plan to help you improve your money management -- and begin to trim your expenses in the process -- in two months or less.

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How to make some extra money by selling your extra stuff

The economy's tanking, cash is tight at home, and there are seemingly few ways to quickly make a little extra money. But selling household goods — dare we say, junk — is a proven way, and spring cleaning can provide the perfect impetus.

Options abound, from hawking items at pawn shops (where business is booming) to selling items online to hosting the old standby, the garage sale.

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It’s daylight science time again

It’s that time of year, when crocuses bloom, the lawn starts to need mowing, and most Americans lose an hour’s sleep setting their clocks ahead. (Remember? Spring forward, fall back.) So here are answers to your questions about the time switch — and about sleep.

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