Monday, March 2, 2009

Good News from Mary March 2, 2009

40-Day 'Love Dare' Launches Marriage Movement

-Paula and John Thomas had been married 24 years when they separated.

She wanted forgiveness and peace for both of them. He wanted a divorce.

"Our marriage was in shambles and my husband believed that even God couldn't put our marriage back together," Paula said. "Yet, after a six-month separation, the Lord put a halt to our divorce proceedings."

That was five years ago. Today, the Thomases help couples in crisis realize God's plan for their marriage.

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Is it finally time to use the dreaded D-word?

A Depression doesn't have to be Great — bread lines, rampant unemployment, a wipeout in the stock market. The economy can sink into a milder depression, the kind spelled with a lowercase "d."

And it may be happening now.

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Going gray? Scientists uncover the root cause

Attention parents: It's not your kids that are making you go gray. Your hair is simply building up too much hydrogen peroxide.

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ReKindled: Amazon's Second-Generation Electronic Reader The Kindle is the electronic book reader first brought to market by Amazon in December of 2007. It was so successful (or Amazon so dramatically underestimated demand) that it sold out during the holiday periods of both 2007 and 2008.

Now, only 14 months after its introduction, Amazon has rolled out the Kindle 2. Even before this new and very much improved version, the pundits were speculating that the Kindle could do for digital books what Apple's iPod has done for digital music.

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New spin on vinyl: Bundled MP3s

Like many music retailers, Nathaniel Bernier was getting squeezed. His store, Wild Rufus Records, in the seaside town of Camden, Maine, was selling fewer CDs. It was suffering as a result of the music industry's broader woes - CD sales nationwide were down a steep 17.5% last year. To make matters worse, the local Wal-Mart (WMT, Fortune 500) was beefing up its music section and drawing customers away.

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