Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good News for March 29 (posted by Mary Beth)

Post Pals Makes Our World a Bit Smaller

"In a classroom in Sweden, students are laughing and getting creative as they each contribute to the plot of one collective story. They’ve made up characters, set the scene and reached a climax.

But the story suddenly stops there. How does it end? They will have to wait to find out."

For more on the story behind the story, click here.

Gaza’s Children Need Your Help

"Tens of thousands of children in Gaza remain at serious risk of physical and psychological harm more than two months after a cease-fire ended the 22-day conflict that began on Dec. 27, 2008, Save the Children reported."

Click here for more on what's happening to the children of Gaza.

'ER' built strong Chicago ties and took its setting seriously

"Chicago-based producer/production manager Roger Anderson had two of his nine heart attacks while on the set of "ER" but didn't go to the emergency room either time.

'You get wrapped up in your job,' he said. 'You never want to slow down production.'"

Backstory on the long-running series' finale awaits you here.

Bagpipe Veterans Make Sweet Music for CCF

"Veteran bagpiper Edith Silver and organist Michael McCormick are turning musical notes into a sweet melody for Christian Children’s Fund. The two have performed an annual concert of bagpipes and organ music with the proceeds benefiting CCF, which serves 15.2 million deprived, excluded and vulnerable children in 31 countries. The proceeds will specifically benefit CCF’s programs in Cheyenne River, S.D., the home of the Lakota Tribe."

Click here to learn more about the fund raising effort.

World Vision seeks to bridge humanitarian gaps in Darfur camps

"World Vision is addressing critical aid gaps in various displacement camps in Darfur after the expulsion of several relief organizations from the war-torn region earlier this month

A joint assessment by the United Nations and the Sudanese government has found gaps in the provision of food, health care, water, shelter and other humanitarian services formerly provided by the expelled organizations."

To learn more about what World Vision is doing and how you can help, click here.

Local Alligators Getting Spring Fever: But Westwego trapper says he has the cure

"Friday was a reminder that alligator season is in full swing in Jefferson Parish.

Perhaps not as well known as Carnival season or hurricane season, spring and summer are when alligators are most likely to pop up and create a nuisance where crowds of people are located, officials said."

Click here for more on alligators and how they interact with suburban humans.

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